Saturday, July 25, 2009

'Twas Brillig's First Giveaway!

I think I have officially reached social network overload. It is possible that I belong to almost every craft/handmade network in existence, and I am terribly unorganized about the whole thing. But, I logged in to American Craft Guide on Ning this morning, and as I was browsing the groups I came across this GIVEAWAY!

Aren't these earrings beautiful? 'Twas Brillig is giving them away on her blog. The contest ends on July 31st, so you should head over there and give her some love right away!


Brillig! said...

Thanks for the linky love, Angela!

And,like you, I think I'm in social network overload too!!! Definitely going to reassess where I'm hanging out LOL :)

Brillig! said...

You won!!!!!

In case you didn't see my latest blog post, just email me your snail mail at twasbrillig (at) mindspring (dot) com and I will send the earrings out to you early next week!