Friday, July 17, 2009

Beans, Beans, Good for the Heart...

I love love love garden fresh veggies. I could spend all day (and all of my money) at the farmer's market picking out the perfect beans, squash, spinach, etc... Thus, my adoration for fresh veg (and the skinniness of my wallet), motivated my dad and I to start our own garden this year. Of course, I was really excited about getting the growing going, and I heinously over-planted. You should see the jungle that has thrived due to my severe lack of weeding! I admit that I have been neglecting the veggie plants (the squash is officially the garden bully), but I very much believe in just letting nature do its job. If it is strong enough to survive, then great. If not (poor spinach was no match for the squash plants), then we will do without.

Well, the green beans have been growing like superstars (and telling the squash where it can stuff it's enormous leaves) and this week was time to harvest. Actually, last week was time for harvest, but I had to wait for the wasp community residing in the garden to dissipate. Today was a nice cool day, and my mom harvested while I acted as bee lookout, and here is our bounty:
Aren't they lovely?? There are about 2lbs of beans here, so I decided to prep a bunch up for the freezer. After cutting them into 1" pieces, I blanched them - creating a vibrant green color and preserving their nutrients. As you can see below, the ones on the left are blanched and ready to freeze, and the ones on the right are prepped for my dinner tonight:
Once they were blanched, I put them in a single layer in freezer bags and labeled them with today's date:
Of course, I could have done this with farmer's market green beans, but it is so much more satisfying to know that I planted and nurtured them myself. Plus, I know exactly where they came from, and what type of chemicals they have been exposed to (none!). I expect to have a ton more beans by the end of the season, which saves me money on my grocery shopping for the rest of the year. Yay for home gardens!

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biologie said...

I have a bag full of frozen green beans in my freezer from the grocery store.

I hear they are better, sweeter, more nutritious when you grow your own. I'd much rather have some that I grew myself!


Very nice.