Friday, June 5, 2009

Tote Expedition

A group that I belong to on ArtFire is having a Fat Quarter swap this month which involves making an item from a fat quarter and swapping it with someone else. For those out of "the know," a fat quarter is a piece of fabric appx. 18" x 22." Generally, these fabric sections are used in quilting, and since I don't really quilt (I mean, there was that one time, but quilting and I didn't really hit it off..) I just cut a fat quarter from some fabric I already had. Next, I had to figure out what to make, and I found this great tutorial over at SewMamaSew for a fat quarter handbag.

The instructions are super easy, and I anticipated spending 45 minutes or so putting it all together. Little did I know that my arrogance would lead to a mistake that required extensive tantrum throwing. Basically, I stitched the outer and lining fabrics together the wrong way at first. No big, just use a seam ripper, right. Yeah, well....I didn't realize my mistake until I had stitched and backstitched. Let me put this in layman's terms: having to seam rip after backstitching is like dropping an anvil on your toe. It's THAT painful and traumatic.

But, I fixed that issue with as few expletives as I could, and here is the end result:
Mmhmm, looks good...until I realized that I ATTACHED ONE OF THE HANDLES BACKWARDS!! GRAH!
So much torment for such a simple bag. Such is my method, though. My mistakes teach me to be more careful the next time. And, I still think it turned out okay..

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