Thursday, June 25, 2009

Outside of my comfort zone....

It's no secret that I am not very good at making jewelry. Not only do I fumble with techniques, I am also prone to gaudy or aesthetically-challenged designs.

But, I got my hair cut short recently, and I really want to jazz up my ears. So, I did some inspiration-searching on ArtFire, and I thought that MDavis Designs had some really cool earcuffs. These are my interpretations:
This one was the second one I made, and my fingers were tired of being pinched by the pliers by this point. I think it shows a little:
Sorry about the crummy photos, but it is REALLY DIFFICULT to take pictures of your own ears!!
I am really happy about my little break from the old sewing routine, and I am proud that I took a chance to make these myself. I'm certainly not going to "quit my day job," but I have been in a sewing funk since I had to leave my MIL's sewing paradise and I think this project is helping me get over it.


branwyn aka madhouse mauly said...

those are super cute! i need something like that ow that i don't wear ears full of earrings

Angela said...

Thanks, Branwyn! I actually have pierced ears, but I'm apparently allergic to every metal in the known universe. At least these "cuffs" keep my lobes from swelling with nasty pus! ;)