Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching Up...

Okay, since I had the giveaway up all last week, I haven't updated on my projects. I got quite a bit done last week. Most of the stuff I finished I listed in my ArtFire shop.

I love this dress for the contrast between the embroidered linen and the tye-dye.
And, isn't the Pretty Pretty Princess a sweet little dress model?

Then, I surprised myself by doing an AMAZING job on this recycled t-shirt messenger bag (the strap is hidden in these photos, but I swear it is awesome too).
Since I didn't put any pockets in, I am marketing it as a beach bag. It's really really sturdy, though, so it could be used for just about anything - Carrying bricks, mixing concrete.....just kidding. Once I get my zipper shipment in, I'm going to make one for myself out of some old concert shirts that I wore in highschool and use it for my library/book fair trips.
Also, I went rice pillow crazy. I'm selling these as "soothers." ArtFire didn't have a category for them, so that threw me for a loop. I don't really feel like they're "Bath and Beauty" related, but whatever.

I also made these mini ones thinking that they would be good for freezing and placing on your eyes while soaking in the tub. Doesn't that sound good right now??
I have alot more projects in mind, and I should be busily sewing away right now, but I have to prep some recipes for a couple of parties I'm attending this month. Maybe I'll post the food if it turns out tasty!

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