Monday, May 18, 2009

Sew Organized!

While I was reorganizing my countertops (completely ignoring the film final that I'm supposed to be completing) I decided that I needed to get rid of some clutter. You see, I use a fabulous little netbook for all of my computer needs, and I love it, but the accessories end up creating all kinds of flotsam all over my table.

So, I ran over to my sewing desk and whipped up this little honey of a pocket organizer (it looks a little off-kilter because I took a pic of it hanging and forgot to adjust it to hang straight):
As you can see, I used the same fabric as my newly recovered seat cushions for the lining and backing:

And now, I have pockets for my odds and ends:
Like this USB cable that I use to upload all of these excellent pics to my blog:
This project gave me a real feeling of accomplishment, but it was short lived due to my film final still being incomplete. *sigh*

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