Thursday, May 7, 2009


Although I am a card-carrying procrastinator, I have these weird episodes that involve inventing a new project that I tackle with manic obsession. For example, I was vacuuming (wow, does that word look odd..) this morning, and when I pulled out my dining table chairs I immediately decided that they needed to be re-covered. The first time I covered these was 4 years ago, and they have gotten pretty grubby.

Keep in mind that I am showing you a photo of the LEAST grubby of all the chairs. I almost wonder how this cushion steered clear of the stain slaughter that all of the others have suffered:
When I bought these chairs, almost 10 years ago, I made the genius decision to choose a light cream colored cushion. So, I obviously needed to replace those original covers shortly after I had a child. And, when I replaced them, I made the rookie mistake of stapling the fabric to within an inch of it's life:

Now that I am older, and smarter, I realize that staples are totally unnecessary for my chair-type, and I can just wrap the cushion tightly and screw them back in to place. This still allows for a nice, smooth tuck:
The reason I chose this plaid fabric (which you may remember from the awesome skirt I made), is because I have TONS of it. Seriously, I think I started with 10 yards of this stuff and it still seems to be procreating. I have little plaid fabric babies stuffed in every nook of my sewing room. Plus, I don't have any other fabric that would have covered all 4 chairs. And, since I think it resembles a picnic table cloth, I thought it would work well with my dining room.
Done and done. Cost = FREE (the fabric is from a freecycler), and Time = less than an hour.


sewfunky said...

Woohoo! :)

Jennifer said...

So wait, you didn't want to make those 'outfits' for your whole family like that pattern you got with the fabric?! LOL!!

Seriously, what a great idea and they look nice. Can't wait to see them in person.