Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Wrap Skirt

I had an event to go to this week that called for a new skirt. Unfortunately, I didn't attend the event, but I did finish a skirt.

I used a pattern for this wrap skirt, but I made a few of my own modifications. For example, I "wedged" the panels a little bit because the original pattern was more of a straight drape. Also, the polka-dotted contrast fabric was a last minute decision because the main material was too "Luau" on it's own. Don't you just love black and white dots? This skirt was sooo super fast, but I really hate this waistband technique. It gives a nice fit if you like your skirts fastened near your boobs, but I generally like my bottoms to sit on my hips..Notice how I learned my lesson on the side view shots...No more pouchy belly weirdness:
I decided to make the back waistband match with the main fabric. That way, when I turn around and show the front it's like "WOW! Polka Dots!"
I'm really getting in to making skirts. They are just so fun and comfortable. If I wasn't so lazy about shaving my legs I would wear these ALL the time!


TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

love the skirt and fabric choice...go dots go!


Sadako said...

That skirt is so awesome. I would totally wear it if I had access to it. Or should I say...SEW awesome. Heh.