Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crazy for Crochet

I have been so busy with hemming and alterations on friends' clothing that I feel creatively lacking. But, I did start to crochet a blanket for the Pretty Pretty Princess.

My sister mentioned that the last blanket I made has been outgrown, so Pretty Pretty Princess and I conferred on the colors for her new blanket. She was adamant about YELLOW!! So, I thought I would go with a "sophisticated, but whimsical girl" pallette, and a Granny Square pattern.
I don't like making teeny little squares that I whipstitch together since that involves alot of counting, and I think I have made it pretty clear how I feel about number-related crafting. I really think that one huge granny square is much cooler looking.
Normally, I don't crochet after Christmas because I am sick of looking at yarn by the end of December, and because I feel like I will jinx the arrival of warm weather by crafting cold weather items. But, Mother Nature has been giving us the cold shoulder this year, so I am happy to be wrapped up in cozy fuzziness right now:

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Jennifer said...

I have a thing for purple and yellow together so I think this looks awesome.