Saturday, May 23, 2009

Born of necessity..

Kindergarten (a.k.a the viral petri dish) has struck again. Just when we thought it was safe to put away the vapo-rub and lozenges, my Bear came home with the mother of all colds. Not only did we get a huge dose of the sniffle/cough/sneezes, we also received a special cold-moved-into-the-tear-ducts-and-spewed-gross-goo treat. The goo only lasted a day, but then he woke up with puffy eye. (It may not seem that extreme, but if you knew what his eye normally looks like you'd be shocked.):
My worry was that the goo clogged up his ducts and that his eye was going to swell worse and eventually explode. With that image in mind, I knew I needed to put a little heat on the ducts to help break up the junk stuck inside. But, I don't keep hot water bottles (do they even sell those anymore?) or heat packs around here. I do have some rice pillows that I made during the winter, but those are way too big for his little 6 year old face. That, of course, left only one option. Make a smaller one!! So I did:
The gray pack is filled with white, long grain rice (the fabric was upcycled from scraps off of my sisters hemmed work apron), and the star fabric is the removable case. I figured that anything touching a virus-infested-goo-eye should be washable.
I serged the edges of the case to reduce bulk (little kids don't like heavy things on their faces), and decided against any kind of closure since it is really unnecessary.

Now, I just pop it in the microwave for 30ish seconds and it fits perfectly over his eye socket! I also made a second one for the freezer since I can confidently anticipate future bumps and bruises that will require a cold pack.

I just love the convenience and versatility of a rice pillow. But, I honestly never thought to make small ones until now. These only took me about 20 minutes to make, and I may make a bunch more for future baby shower gifts. Cool, right?


TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

cute heating pad! I hope your little man feels better soon!


kate said...

Good idea! I may have to make me some! I hope he's well soon, too!

I just wanted to tell you (I'm telling everyone since it's been like a miracle)we take Oil of Oregano to boost the immunity, and so far we haven't had a cold last more than two days since we started with it in August!

Angela said...

Thank you for your well wishes!! He seems to be on the mend, and the heating pad worked really well to reduce his swelling and release the rest of the gunk.

Kate, I've never heard of oil of oregano. I'll have to look into it! Thanks for the tip!