Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tasty Brains..

This whole project started with a pair of jeans that were part of a "lot" I bought for my 6 year old on Ebay. Needless to say, the listing didn't mention that this pair had all of the original designer iron-ons torn off of it, leaving globby glue spots like the one below:

The booger jeans sat on my project shelf waiting for inspiration to stake me through the brain. And then, I came across an Artfire listing for a badass zombie necklace made by the shrinky-dink goddess. Obviously, I bought the necklace immediately, and was promptly accosted by my son who was adamant that I could not own a necklace with zombies on it unless he had one too. So, the shrinky-dink goddess was gracious enough to accept a custom order and make him one too!! (It says "I heart brains." Heehee)
Finally, I knew what to do with the jeans because you simply CANNOT wear a zombie necklace without an outfit to coordinate..
I appliqued my little heart out for these pants. In the process, I learned just how inept I am at drawing zombies, BUT I can graffiti-text with the best of them:
Of course, what good are zombie pants without a brain shirt? Thank you, Hobby Lobby, for your 50% off youth t-shirts.
And The Bear is a happy boy who is livin' super-cool with his new duds and rockin' necklace.
I will happily accept this month's award for Coolest Mom Ever.

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