Monday, April 20, 2009

Sewing Stalemate

I finally found the motivation to sew again. It's been a long month, with vacation, school happenings, birthdays, Easter, etc.. and my sewing has suffered. But I have a book mixer coming up later this month and I wanted to wear my awesome new knee-high boots, so I had to create something fabulous to wear. I've had these two fabrics lying around for awhile, and they started begging me to make them into a skirt...

So I did.
But, I didn't measure the waistband (as usual), so the back of the band looks like this right now:

My refusal to take 5 seconds to use the measuring tape bites me in the butt again. There is appx. a 4" gap. Awesome. So, I'm thinking I will make a casing out of contrast fabric so that I can rock some elastic in this bad boy. Of course, if I would get over my stubborn resentment of zippers, my problem would be easier to fix. But, I'm spiteful like that.
Also, I'm considering some appliques on the plaid panels. I'm not a lover of all things plaid, so I have the urge to tack some images to the monotony of the pattern. We'll see if I can maintain any sense of motivation after I fix the waistband and sew the hem. I'm going to gamble that the next pics you see of this skirt will look shockingly similar to the ones posted here. Except that I will be wearing awesome boots.

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