Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Party Pandemonium

Every year I make and decorate a birthday cake for my son. This year, we decided to throw a party for him so that he could celebrate with all of his Kindergarten friends. There were so many details and arrangements that had to be made, that I almost ordered a cake from the local bakery. But, the staff at the bakery was creatively stumped by our "mad science" theme, so I did my best to make my own vision come true.

I call this the "Experiment Eruption"cake, and I made the spewing "goo" out of melted sugar. It took some practice, but I was victorious in my hard candy making abilities. And, I found a super cool technique for making the candy bubble before it hardened. Pretty neat, huh?

The green "pool" on the top of the cake is lime jello, and the green drooly overflow is decorator gel. It wasn't my exact vision, but I feel like it turned out better than I expected since I have no real training in cake decorating.

Also, I found the coolest balloons at the local party store:
The party itself was totally exhausting, but I gave my son an experience that he will always remember. And, in the end, that's all that matters.

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Anonymous said...

Cool cake! Good for you to make your own. Parties are so much work as it is.