Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hump Day Holla!!

A lot of bloggers do link posts every week, and I actually LOVE discovering the treasures in the links. I spend quite a bit of time coming across hidden little gems here on the vast expanse that is the internet, and I want to share some with you. I don't plan on going crazy with links. I just want to showcase some stuff that peaked my interest or made me say, "What in the world...?"

To start off, I am an avid window shopper on ArtFire. I have found some pretty cool stuff. Like, check out Myn's custom bags. She uses some fantastic fabrics and I am currently creating a list of justifications for buying one of her bags instead of making another one of my own:
Also on that site is a lady I am nearly obsessed with. For whatever reason, her creations make me believe that I will actually wear jewelry. Her fused glass rings and pendants promise glamour and grandeur:
And, finally, also from the ArtFire community comes Banana Jam - That's right, canned jam made out of bananas. It looks DELICIOUS!!! And, if it weren't for the scary shipping scenarios that I invent in my head (leaking banana goo on my porch..), I would already have a jar of this to review for you.

Next week I will post a better variety of links, but these items have been on my Hotlist for awhile, and I wanted to purge myself of the need to tell everyone about my fascination with kooky fabric, big rings, and canned bananas..

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