Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easy Eggy Easter

A couple of days ago my friend found the coolest Easter Egg project ever!! Over at Our Best Bites they posted instructions on how to use silk to dye eggs. Very cool stuff, and not too tough, either! So, my mom and I sat down today to take a stab at it. These are the final results:

Of course, it wasn't as super easy as we had hoped, but it really wasn't terrible. Our main issue was finding silk ties!! We went to Goodwill and our local community thrift store, and we walked out with only 2 ties and 3 belts. And by the way, $1.49 per tie at goodwill?? Isn't that a little steep?? Anywho, it was a frustrating hunt for the main material.

Also, we decided to blow the eggs instead of cooking them whole. That way, we are able to keep them for years to come. Ummmmm..... Have you ever blown eggs?? It sucks. A lot. But, I got through it and we now have eternal keepsakes. yay.

During the wrapping step we thought it would be easier to wet the fabric first, and we were SOOO right!! We got a snug fit which resulted in some really amazing detail in the images:

But, being the finicky women that we are, my mom and I decided to turn it up a notch with some embellishment:

And, VOILA! These eggs were pretty fun to make, and I could definitely have had my son help out. But, he was busy running my dad ragged, so my mom and I got to spend some peaceful moments crafting together. Isn't that what holidays are truly about?

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Jennifer said...

Whatevs @ easy! LOL

I've got my final results up on my blog since I tried 3 more this morning. Good idea wetting it first!