Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tasty Brains..

This whole project started with a pair of jeans that were part of a "lot" I bought for my 6 year old on Ebay. Needless to say, the listing didn't mention that this pair had all of the original designer iron-ons torn off of it, leaving globby glue spots like the one below:

The booger jeans sat on my project shelf waiting for inspiration to stake me through the brain. And then, I came across an Artfire listing for a badass zombie necklace made by the shrinky-dink goddess. Obviously, I bought the necklace immediately, and was promptly accosted by my son who was adamant that I could not own a necklace with zombies on it unless he had one too. So, the shrinky-dink goddess was gracious enough to accept a custom order and make him one too!! (It says "I heart brains." Heehee)
Finally, I knew what to do with the jeans because you simply CANNOT wear a zombie necklace without an outfit to coordinate..
I appliqued my little heart out for these pants. In the process, I learned just how inept I am at drawing zombies, BUT I can graffiti-text with the best of them:
Of course, what good are zombie pants without a brain shirt? Thank you, Hobby Lobby, for your 50% off youth t-shirts.
And The Bear is a happy boy who is livin' super-cool with his new duds and rockin' necklace.
I will happily accept this month's award for Coolest Mom Ever.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

These boots are made for walking...

VICTORY IS MINE!! I have conquered the skirt, and I am so proud of myself for finishing it. This is the outfit that I have planned for the book club mixer on Tuesday night. My husband took the pics of me, so that's why they suck. But, how cute are my new boots????
I never know what to do with my arms for the side view pictures, so I shove them behind my back and end up pouching out my belly.
I actually installed a zipper. Yes I DID!! They really aren't so scary. I don't know what I was thinking. I must have confused zipper installation with grizzly bear attack...

And, to finish off the ensemble (which is a word I never use to describe my own clothes..), I whipped up a headband using an old "skinny" tie that my brother-in-law donated to my "sewing stuff" collection. He was slightly hesitant about giving me his ties lest 80's fashion makes a roaring comeback, and he decides to be fashionable (for the first time in his life).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Polka Dotting Ladybugs

JoAnn Fabrics has 50% off their clearance fabrics and remnants right now, and look at the little gem I found:

I'm not sure what this fabric is called, but it is practically a ready-made dress. All I had to do was cut, sew up the back, and sew the hem.
Oh, and I added a little halter ribbon to keep it up. I remember wearing these strapless dresses as a kid, and they were constantly falling down!
This project was a nice little quickie to keep me in the sewing spirit. The Pretty Pretty Princess will wear this over her bathing suit during our many lazy afternoons at the pool this summer. That is, of course, if it ever gets warm enough to swim here!!! :)
Total cost = $5.00 for the fabric remnant. Ribbon and thread were FREE!
Total time = 20 minutes (mostly spent choosing coordinating ribbon..)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sewing Stalemate

I finally found the motivation to sew again. It's been a long month, with vacation, school happenings, birthdays, Easter, etc.. and my sewing has suffered. But I have a book mixer coming up later this month and I wanted to wear my awesome new knee-high boots, so I had to create something fabulous to wear. I've had these two fabrics lying around for awhile, and they started begging me to make them into a skirt...

So I did.
But, I didn't measure the waistband (as usual), so the back of the band looks like this right now:

My refusal to take 5 seconds to use the measuring tape bites me in the butt again. There is appx. a 4" gap. Awesome. So, I'm thinking I will make a casing out of contrast fabric so that I can rock some elastic in this bad boy. Of course, if I would get over my stubborn resentment of zippers, my problem would be easier to fix. But, I'm spiteful like that.
Also, I'm considering some appliques on the plaid panels. I'm not a lover of all things plaid, so I have the urge to tack some images to the monotony of the pattern. We'll see if I can maintain any sense of motivation after I fix the waistband and sew the hem. I'm going to gamble that the next pics you see of this skirt will look shockingly similar to the ones posted here. Except that I will be wearing awesome boots.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easy Eggy Easter

A couple of days ago my friend found the coolest Easter Egg project ever!! Over at Our Best Bites they posted instructions on how to use silk to dye eggs. Very cool stuff, and not too tough, either! So, my mom and I sat down today to take a stab at it. These are the final results:

Of course, it wasn't as super easy as we had hoped, but it really wasn't terrible. Our main issue was finding silk ties!! We went to Goodwill and our local community thrift store, and we walked out with only 2 ties and 3 belts. And by the way, $1.49 per tie at goodwill?? Isn't that a little steep?? Anywho, it was a frustrating hunt for the main material.

Also, we decided to blow the eggs instead of cooking them whole. That way, we are able to keep them for years to come. Ummmmm..... Have you ever blown eggs?? It sucks. A lot. But, I got through it and we now have eternal keepsakes. yay.

During the wrapping step we thought it would be easier to wet the fabric first, and we were SOOO right!! We got a snug fit which resulted in some really amazing detail in the images:

But, being the finicky women that we are, my mom and I decided to turn it up a notch with some embellishment:

And, VOILA! These eggs were pretty fun to make, and I could definitely have had my son help out. But, he was busy running my dad ragged, so my mom and I got to spend some peaceful moments crafting together. Isn't that what holidays are truly about?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Party Pandemonium

Every year I make and decorate a birthday cake for my son. This year, we decided to throw a party for him so that he could celebrate with all of his Kindergarten friends. There were so many details and arrangements that had to be made, that I almost ordered a cake from the local bakery. But, the staff at the bakery was creatively stumped by our "mad science" theme, so I did my best to make my own vision come true.

I call this the "Experiment Eruption"cake, and I made the spewing "goo" out of melted sugar. It took some practice, but I was victorious in my hard candy making abilities. And, I found a super cool technique for making the candy bubble before it hardened. Pretty neat, huh?

The green "pool" on the top of the cake is lime jello, and the green drooly overflow is decorator gel. It wasn't my exact vision, but I feel like it turned out better than I expected since I have no real training in cake decorating.

Also, I found the coolest balloons at the local party store:
The party itself was totally exhausting, but I gave my son an experience that he will always remember. And, in the end, that's all that matters.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Toddler Rocker Cushion

I have been a total sewing slacker lately. I was sick, and then I was on vacation, and then I was just lazy. I have that dress still taunting me from the sewing table, and I have been avoiding it like the plague. But, my dad showed up yesterday with a child's rocking chair and asked me to make a cushion for it. How could I turn down a request from my dad???

Here's what he brought me:
And this is the cushion I whipped up:
There's something about sitting on smiley face buttons that makes me giggle:
I really need to get my rear in gear, but my son's birthday party is on Sunday, and I have been using that as an excuse to stay away from the sewing machine. I promise I'll have some good stuff to post soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rocket Man...

Guess who's Kindergartener is going to the moon tomorrow?

My son's class is having a "Going to the Moon" party tomorrow. The teacher sent a sheet home a couple of weeks ago about making a jet pack, and since it seemed like a manly contraption, I put the resident Hottie Handyman in charge of design and execution:

He gets a little carried away sometimes... :)

But then again, so do I. The original design was missing something, so I took a stab at making it more exciting.Take note of the fiery yarn and ribbon straps:

We can't help but show up the generic-instruction-sheet-cereal-box-jetpacks. We are a crafty family, and I wont make apologies for that.
We also have a fantastic sense of humor:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hump Day Holla!!

A lot of bloggers do link posts every week, and I actually LOVE discovering the treasures in the links. I spend quite a bit of time coming across hidden little gems here on the vast expanse that is the internet, and I want to share some with you. I don't plan on going crazy with links. I just want to showcase some stuff that peaked my interest or made me say, "What in the world...?"

To start off, I am an avid window shopper on ArtFire. I have found some pretty cool stuff. Like, check out Myn's custom bags. She uses some fantastic fabrics and I am currently creating a list of justifications for buying one of her bags instead of making another one of my own:
Also on that site is a lady I am nearly obsessed with. For whatever reason, her creations make me believe that I will actually wear jewelry. Her fused glass rings and pendants promise glamour and grandeur:
And, finally, also from the ArtFire community comes Banana Jam - That's right, canned jam made out of bananas. It looks DELICIOUS!!! And, if it weren't for the scary shipping scenarios that I invent in my head (leaking banana goo on my porch..), I would already have a jar of this to review for you.

Next week I will post a better variety of links, but these items have been on my Hotlist for awhile, and I wanted to purge myself of the need to tell everyone about my fascination with kooky fabric, big rings, and canned bananas..