Monday, March 9, 2009


I was so super thrilled when I received the patterns that I ordered from AnarchyAndLace last week! I couldn't wait to get started on some clothes for myself. Up to this point, I have only made a couple of skirts, so I thought that starting with the dress would be best/easiest.

Of course, I chose some not-so-fabulous fabric that I didn't really care about so that I wouldn't have wasted pricey material on my first attempt at a dress.

The pattern was already cut to my size (yay), so I saved some time on that, but I am obviously going to have to make adjustments for future dresses.
First, look at the bunching of material on my hips. There is also a "pouchy" effect on the front. I'm definitely going to have to trim some fabric down in a few areas.

Also, where did my boobs go? The high-waist band acts as a corset across the bottom of my full bust. So, I get this weird mushed appearance. If my breasts were 10 years younger/perkier, or I was 3 sizes smaller, everything would be golden. But, alas, I will need to increase the bust size and throw in some darts on the next attempt.

Regardless of the minor improvements that will need to be made in the future, I am happy with how this turned out. And, I only had 1 seam casualty!

I think the most rewarding result of this effort is that I feel more confident about my abilities to make adult apparel (at least for myself). I have another dress to finish for Princess Peanut before the 20th, but after that I am devoting time to my own outfits. Hooray me!

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