Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soap Cozies

Do you remember my recently failed attempt at a beach bag? Yes, well, I have completely given up on that endeavor, and I wanted to find a use for the yarn. So, my 5 year old was taking a bath the other day, and I got an idea...


Soap is always slipping out of little (and, occassionally, big) hands so I thought that making a handmade cover for the soap would be worth my time. They actually sell soap for kids that has this vinyl meshy cover on it, but I would rather save the $3 or so per bar and make my own.

So, I went to the handmade community to find some natural soap, and I found this totally awesome chick who makes soap from her bio-diesel processing discards. Here's what she says about it:
What's in a bar?
This soap is made from saponofied recycled vegetable oil. It's fat, lye and water, just like your great-grandparents made, with a small difference. The beautiful deep brown glycerin this bar is made of is a byproduct of the production of biodiesel fuel that powers my normal unmodified diesel VW Jetta. Since egg rolls and french fries were once cooked in the vegetable oil, this soap retains a rich brown color. The extra high glycerin content makes the bars softer than the usual bar soap. Bottom line is you get all the benefits of the excellent emollient glycerin: Gentle cleansing, soft skin.

It’s a powerful degreaser and gentle enough for sensitive skin & for kids. But don’t limit yourself. Go crazy & see how much of this messy world you can clean up!
She sent me 3 bars for $1 (plus the cost of shipping). I got them in the mail yesterday and "cozied" them all last night:

I feel pretty good about my Mother Earth awareness right now. The soap is FANTASTIC, by the way. The bar smells a little musky, but it leaves no scent on your skin. And, it made my super sensitive skin very soft without giving me a rash of any sort. I definitely didn't experience ANY of the drying that happens with chemical-laden bar soap. I'm thinking that these will be a great giveaway idea if I ever get enough followers to this blog to make it fair. :) For now, I will use them at home and pass them out to friends and family.


Jennifer said...

Does it make you smell like the eggrolls and fries, because if it does, I'm IN! LOL

I wonder if Noah can destroy these or not. Need toddler destruction levels tester? ;-P

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks a lot! I've tried to scent it with different things like essential oils, fresh basil, and cinnamon. Once the bars harden, all those scents have disappeared, and the soap's gone back to that smell you call musky, which I'm used to now. Oh well. Thanks again for the attention!

Jennifer said...

omgosh @ Bettern,

I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean or rude. I was just joking and think this is really interesting. My friend is the blogger and she knew I was being a dork.

Anonymous said...

Like minds...
Just this morning, I was thinking about sewing something similar (as I was in the shower, trying to wash with the teeny tiny sliver husby left for me!)