Monday, March 16, 2009

Labor of Love, or Suffering for my Art?

I fell in love with this Vogue design when JoAnn's had their pattern sale a few weeks ago. Had I known what kind of torment I was in for, I would have saved the $3.99.

I have to admit, that the trials and tribulations that I am enduring are my own fault. It all started with my determination that I would be able to use this pattern for both of my nieces (aged 1 and 2). Well, since I am notoriously lazy, this presented a pattern challenge for me. Normally, I just cut out the size I plan to use and resign myself to the fact that I will not be able to make it bigger without extra work. This time, I pulled out some long-neglected sewing tools that have been snoozing at the bottom of a bin for ages.

I have no idea what this paper is called, but one side is normal, and the other side has a chalky blue powder. I think I got it in a sewing kit a million years ago. I put the chalky paper under the pattern paper with the blue side against the fabric.

And then, I use the special bumpy wheel tool to trace over my size lines, thereby transferring the blue chalk to the fabric.

(I know that all of the experienced sewers on here are laughing at me right now. I am aware that there must be an easier way, but I generally learn the hard way..)

So, the wheelie tool created these little blue dashes. Can you see those okay?? No, me neither......

Which is why I pulled out my handy Spiderman washable marker. But, of course, that meant MORE work for me. *sigh*

Let's recap:
  • Cut out pattern
  • pin to fabric
  • Sandwich chalky paper between pattern and fabric
  • trace with wheel
  • un-pin
  • go over "barely-there" dashes with washable marker
  • cut fabric.
Mmmhmmm. A LOT of work so far. Oh, and I completely IGNORED the grain line markers, so I had the extra joy of trying to line up all 3 components so that they didn't have the print going wonky.

I was so happy to have cut those pieces successfully, I should have known that my bliss wouldn't last..

<---This is the contrast I was doing.

And, this is what I found when I opened my nicely folded coordinating fabric: ---->

Dummy! Dummy! I thought I had bought 2 yards of that fabric, but apparently not.

So, now I am trying to decide on a new contrast fabric. I'm leaning toward the green, but I'm almost too irritated to continue. I have to finish this dress by Thursday night, and I have a lot of work to do before then!! Cross your fingers that the storm has passed and it's all easy street from here..


Anonymous said...

I'm famous for doing things like you just described! Nice to see I'm not alone :)
I vote for the green. It will make the green in your patterned fabric "pop", and I just love clothing made for girls in less popular colors.
Good luck with it!

kate said...

Thanks for the lovely things you said about my scalloped bedroom decor. I like the bows, too, they seem to tie the look together, ha ha. Okay, that was lame.
Anyway, thank you ;)

TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

I vote for the green. its a nice contrasting color with the pinks and cream.
I love the pattern you chose, its different and simple. I'm sure you posted and I probably missed it but what pattern is it?