Thursday, March 12, 2009

I know what boys like..

I know that it seems as if I never make any clothes for my own kid, but I swear I do. They just aren't as cute or involved as the dresses I make for my nieces.

Case in point, creepy spiders and superheroes rule in my house:

I considered recycling one of my old t-shirts into a shirt for The Bear, but none of my discards had blank fronts. So, I bought the shirt at Hobby Lobby, and attached my own applique. The shorts were made by hand from Spiderman fabric that the 5 year old picked out for himself.

I didn't love attaching an applique to jersey fabric, but I survived. And, the fusible webbing was a HUGE help in stabilizing.

He adores the new outfit, and is excited to wear it in Florida next week!!


Anonymous said...

SO cool! My boy would go crazy for that! Good job.

Angela said...