Monday, March 30, 2009

Dreams of knitting....

Look what I found in the clearance section of the local outlet bookstore today!!! Can you believe I only paid $3 for this? Awesome.

And, since I don't know how to knit yet, the instructions are thorough yet non-threatening:

Plus, the book includes just about every stitch technique you can imagine. I was really surprised to see the double-point needle instructions, and that tutorial was the deciding factor for me. The ONLY reason I want to learn to knit is so that I can make thousands of cute and funky socks for myself!!

There are some pretty sweet patterns in here too:

And, what will inevitably be my new favorite little bag:

I love finding a bargain like this. My mother-in-law is supposed to teach me to knit sometime this summer, and now I have a guide to help me when she isn't around. Yay for thrifty shopping!!


Jennifer said...

and there were two so you got one for your best friend ever? LOL Either that or I need to find myself a mother in law like yours. ;-)

Angela said...

I will totally share my master knitting skills with you once I have acquired them. I will channel my MIL for you.. :)

Taren said...

I've wanted to learn how to knit for ages, but all the diagrams don't work for me because I'm a lefty with no creative abilities whatsoever. I'm so in awe of all the things you've made and can't wait for you to post pictures of your knitting creations!