Saturday, February 14, 2009

T-Skirt: Round 2..

Why didn't they tell us in math class that the subject matter would be useful when we are planning on making really cute skirts for ourselves? I may have actually paid attention and done my own work! But, alas, these skirts keep proving that I am terrible at math. After the first t-skirt, I sized down the pattern and was much more careful with waistband measurement. But, it was still TOO BIG!! I ended up having to make a casing and insert a drawstring. At least it isn't elastic this time, but still. The waist looks a little jacked up (which is why there are no pictures of it....again).

I think it still turned out pretty cute. And, I put the drawstring on the inside, so there's no "bulky belly syndrome." I really need to enlist my resident Hottie to help me with the math so that the next one turns out better. These skirts are too comfortable for me to give up because of some measurement issues.


sewfunky said...

I LOVE it! :) I want one for myself! :D

Minnie said...

this skirt kicks so much ass!