Monday, February 23, 2009

Frilly Frosted Cupcake

How much pink is too much pink??

This much pink:
Egad. I'm going to have frothy pink nightmares after this.

I bought the heart fabric on super clearance awhile back and after experiencing the linen-esque texture, I was dying to use it. But, I had no coordinating fabric until yesterday. I found this M'Liss Rae (more on her at the end of this post) print on sale, and even though I retardedly forgot the swatch of heart print to match it to, it turned out to be the perfect companion. A little too perfect, actually. Almost like twins with a diffent hair cut. Too much pink!!

But, I did get to practice my new applique technique on this dress, and that made me super psyched!!

Until I started sewing the applique on, that is. My generally agreeable sewing machine threw a mini-fit over the applique pattern I chose and decided that it did not want to make my life easier. So, my stitchery looks a little like I was sewing during a cab ride in New York:

I know that my imperfections aren't obvious. That's why I chose the pattern and fabrics the way that I did. I know, genius!! I'm confident that I will get better with practice and I can graduate to bolder images.

Total time was about 3 hours, and the total cost was a little higher than normal at around $3. Still not bad!

Now, M'Liss Rae.... Listen lady, I appreciate your terrific print that was vital in helping me complete dress #7 for Pretty Pretty Princess, but we need to chat about your name. Dropping the "e" and "a" from your name is ridiculous. An apostrophe is not an acceptable character in a proper name. It's like when Prince changed his moniker to that androgynous symbol. It's confusing and totally uncool. So, Melissa, I stongly urge you to rethink your marketing strategy because, quite frankly, it annoys me enough to not want to buy your products in the future. Think about it.


M'Liss Rae Hawley said...

Hi Angela,

Thank you for using my pink Jo-Ann Garden Court fabric to complete Dress #7; it’s adorable!

Regarding the spelling of my name, M’Liss, you’re correct, an apostrophe in my first name is challenging. When I was born and my mother named me, she never foresaw the advent of computers that are apostrophe-adverse.

All my bank accounts, credit cards, and airline tickets, have my given name misspelled. For instance, all automated systems do not recognize my name. With my frequent travel, TSA agents question the different spelling on my United ticket and passport. However, it’s my name and on my birth certificate!

I hope you reconsider buying my products, lots of new Jo-Ann fabric, an OLFA kit, and new book with C&T; Fat Quarter Baby Quilts with M’Liss Rae Hawley, pub date, May 2009.

M’Liss Rae Hawley

Angela said...

Holy cow! Who knew M'Liss Rae would stop by my little corner of the blog universe?

Sincerely, M'Liss, it was completely wrong of me to pick on your name in a cranky attempt at humor. Thanks for taking it in stride.

Also, I would never actually pass on lovely fabric because of the creator's name. You make some wonderful prints, and I am sure I will buy only your brand for at least the next several months in an attempt at repentance.

Jennifer said...

*snickering in the background*