Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Etsy can kiss my butt......

As I was waiting, impatiently, for contest winners to be published on a blog I follow/stalk yesterday, I got involved in some complex link-clicking that landed me on the COOLEST website ever!

Art Fire is an online marketplace for handmade products designed by artisans. Like Etsy, but without the confusing categories, snooty communities, and creepy commercial feel. Art Fire is like a neighborhood knitting circle where a bunch of old ladies are sitting around talking comfortably about the insane deal on yarn they found at the church yard sale over the weekend.
ArtFire Handmade Artisan Community

It's very possible that this site is already ridiculously popular within the crafting community, and that I have been living under a rock. But, I knew nothing about it until recently, and after some serious browsing I fell in deep, deep lust with this site. Within 5 minutes I found 3 things that I HAD to buy:

Of course, you're like, "patterns? Big whoop.." And that leaves me to respond with, "$3.50 total for all 3 plus shipping!!!" Then you stare at me, mouth gaping, with a glazed look that indicates your extreme disbelief and impending euphoria over me finding such an amazing bargain and sharing this coveted information with you.

I think it's pretty obvious that I will be spending most of my time today taking photos and listing outfits for sale on the site. I'm going to dump Etsy like a sack of used tampons, and start my new endeavor as an Art Fire groupie. So, be prepared for a new listing link on the right side of this page showcasing my spring children's clothes.

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