Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Serger Struggle

So, project #2 for the pretty pretty princess' handmade wardrobe is this dress:

Made out of this fabric (I know, super cute):

And since the pattern involves some of this stuff (see below), I thought it would be cool to break out the hand-me-down serger.

Here is the demon machine born in the fiery pits of hell:

What's that you say? It looks like a regular, innocent serger? Hmmm.... Really? DID YOU SEE THIS????:

Yeah. That's right. Thread routes that look like a Boston street map (planned by the devil himself, of course). I thought I could handle it. I was positive and optimistic (totally outside my usual demeanor), and I had an owner's manual. What could go wrong?? hour and a half later I found myself verbally bludgeoning the machine with a barrage of expletives while I cradled my bruised fingers. The damn thing wouldn't create a chain. It was laughing at me, mocking me, and injuring me, BUT NOT MAKING A CHAIN. You're a serger! Your sole job in life is to make a chain! What good is a serger that doesn't interlock the thread? I hate you, machine! You are the bane of my existence!!
And then my resident hotty handyman took pity on his physically (and emotionally) disabled wife and took a stab at getting my nemesis to function properly:

Of course he made it work (which made me dislike him a little bit in a temporary bout of feminist jealousy) and I was full of glee and joy and whatever else I was supposed to feel when a machine chooses to work for stranger rather than its owner.
So, I exacted my revenge on my nemesis by mastering tension, stitch length, and everything else non-threading-related to create the perfect overlock:

If the serger is lucky, I will put it to work on that dress tomorrow. But, I feel like it is still in need of some severe punishment for what it put me through, so I may just use some flat fell seams with my beautiful angel of a Singer right in front of the red-headed stepchild Riccar serger so that it can think about it's behavior.

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