Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dress #3

As you can see, when I'm back in the swing of things I become consumed. As a matter of fact, if my sewing area wasn't right next to The Bear's bedroom I would be starting my next project right now. But, since I can't sew anymore tonight, I thought I would post the pics of the dress I put together this afternoon. Hot off the ironing board:

I put these fabrics together today after being bored by the combinations I had already put together. The magenta fabric (gotten for free from MIL, btw) was originally paired with a different material for a shorts outfit, but I really wanted to use the yellow, and they go so well together!!

Now, since I have used this pattern a few times before, the pieces were already cut, so that shaved some time off my total. Total time = 3 hours

Total cost = $1.00 (previously used pattern, clearance yellow fabric, free magenta fabric)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I LOVE it!!

I think those colors go great together.